Pacific Inner Structure

Pacific with IP 54 brings everyone together with safe and secure usage against the splashing water and dust.Pacific featuring IP54 meets the user expectations under tough conditions at the utmost level. It comes into prominence with its safeuse against dust, water splash, moisture and its aesthetic design.

● Protection against dust and water splash with IP54 feature
● Labeled and unlabeled product alternatives according to the needs and opportunity to put label when desired
● Patented s eal system allowing cable assembly from the clos est point of the wall and without bending
● Perfect impermeability with duplicate injection seals allowing cable assembly in three different diameters
● Wide internal v olume for easy cable assembly inside the product
● Quick and easy assembly with quick connecting terminals
● Glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic material ensuring high impact strength and resistance to chemical and thermal environment

Safe usage with duplicate injection impermeable seals.

IP54 feature
Protection against dust and water splash with IP54 feature.

Wide internal volume
Wide internal volume for easy cable assembly inside the product.

Easy assembly with double ended thermoplastic screws.

Thermoplastic Exterior Surface
Glass-bre reinforced thermoplastic material ensuring high resistance to weather conditions, high impact strength and resistance to chemical and thermal environment IP54.

Pacific Inner Structure