Karre Plus Inner Structure

Karre Plus completes the decorations with the colors pleasing all tastes, material options and its unique form. To meet the expectations at each point perfectly is the starting point of Karre Plus. Karre Plus taking the minimal style to the top on its own eld with its design offers a product range enriched by alternatives from thermostat to sensor besides the switches and sockets.

Mechanism: Thinness and resistance
Resistant metal frame with a thickness of 1 mm ensures the desired performance during the installation. Extra details added to the metal frames provide help to make the alignment as desired. Assemblies are safely carried out with its specially rolled non-hurting tabs.

Retainer: Strong and durable
Retainer that is designed with an ideal proportion to fasten the button and covers securely meets the expectations for endurance and strength desired during the usage and replacement of covers.

Frame: Chic and modern
Frames in square forms with modern designs having two-unit, three-unit, four-unit, five-unit, six-unit options that can be used vertically and horizontally according to the decorations offer the trends of today in its color alternatives.

Button/Cover: Single, binary or lighted options
Replaceable buttons and covers with single, binary or lighted options are available in different colors.
Karre Plus Inner Structure