New mechanism is designed for high-end security.

The slim design you’re looking for is in Arkedia Slim... Arkedia Slim renews the living spaces with its simple and elegant design. Its modern style and its slim form magnify the aesthetic look of Arkedia Slim. “Arkedia Slim” perfectly satisfies your sense of aesthetic with its extraordinary fineness.

Zamak, a special alloy utilized in the production of products with visual exclusivity, is used for frame applications of Thea Blu. Thus, dull, bright and natural coating can be preferred for the frames manufactured by a special casting and molding system.

Retainer keeps the frame between the mechanism and button/cover and also allows the switch to be securely fit and perfectly mounted on the uneven walls.

Claw Screws
With quick connecting terminals, Thea Blu offers comfort to the users at the mounting stage.

Button / Cover
Thea Blu offers 4 different options in White, Dore, Dark Gray and Black to complete the designs.

Light Tunnel
Blue soft LEDs that make Thea Blue special product of modern spaces create difference thanks to this special tunnel.

New mechanism is designed for high-end security.